Geneva: LTTE Constitutional Affairs Committee meet Oct 2004



Geneva: LTTE Constitutional Affairs Committee meet Oct 2004


Chief Negotiator Mr. Anton Balasingham briefing the Committee on the current political situation, expressed concern over the delay in the delivery of urgent humanitarian needs of the people in the war devastated NorthEast region. After Mr.Balasingam's address there was extended discussions among the members of the Committee on constitutional matters.

In the afternoon, Swiss Government's Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA or in Swiss called EDA) delegation lead by Ambassador Rodolphe S. Imhoof, Head of the Political Affairs 11, Asia/Oceania addressed the Committee stressing the importance of taking forward the peace process without any further delay.

The Ambassador assured Switzerland’s fullest co-operation for the peace process and humanitarian assistance.

The Political Affairs Committee will meet again tomorrow, sources said.



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